21st century way to pay for college

VNDE believes in challenging conventional student loans where jacked up interest rates compounded daily cause crushing debt that limits opportunities and potential which totally defeats the purpose of higher education. You matter and VNDE can prove it.

debt free

Debt Free

NOT a loan, an Income Sharing Agreement with industry leading student safeguards.

ability based

Ability Based

Student friendly income driven repayment; that is pay-it-forward only when you can with no hassles.

no interest

No Interest

Only pay it forward the wherewithal afforded to you and no more.


  • 1

    Take 10 minutes vnde questionnaire

    Your answers are kept confidential and are not shared.

  • 2

    VNDE Algorithm

    Your answers help our model determine the appropriate ISA term options.

  • 3

    Select ISA Term

    Select your preferred income sharing agreement terms from the options provided.

  • 4

    Setup Automatic Veri-Pay

    Seamlessly link your enrollment status and bank account to automate your pay-it-forward responsabilities.

ISA : Income Sharing Agreement

ISA : Income Sharing Agreement

Share a fixed portion of your earnings for a predetermined period of time and enjoy industry leading safeguards and savings.

Select between short & long term ISA options provided by our algorithm and save 15% - 75% financing your education.

Unlike traditional loan, pay-it-forward only when you can afford to and only the wherewithal afforded to you.

Students Safeguards

maxcap security

MaxCAP Security

Never share more of your income than the amount of wherewithal afforded to you for financing your higher education; if you reach that point earlier than anticipated, our ISA is fulfilled.

low/no income shield

Low/No Income Shield

No income sharing will take place during months when you are not employed; additionally if your income falls beneath a certain threshold, your ISA rate will decrease proportionally during that time.

entrepreneurial deferment

Entrepreneurial Deferment

Start a business without the worry of financial obligations; defer commencement of our ISA agreement for up to 5 years.

no fee early isa termination

No fee early ISA Termination

You always have the ability to repay in lump sum the remaining amount left on our ISA agreement at no financial penalty to you, unlike many other financial institutions.

interest free

Interest Free

As we train the VNDE model, and thanks in large part to our grantors, you enjoy no interest on your ISA amount; on top of all other industry leading student protections.

emergency protections

Emergency Protections

Whether it's a family emergency, health related or simply a sabatical, you can rest assured your agreement with us still stands as we stand by you during your time of need.

behind our name and company

  • Translation

    Latin for ‘wherewithal’

  • Definition

    [vn-d] (noun) - money or resources necessary for a particular purpose: financing higher education

  • Mission

    Enable the opportunity of attaining higher education to be beneficial and available for all

  • VNDE

    Wherewithal for every member of society affected by the attainment of higher education

VNDE, human motivation, potential behind it VNDE, human motivation, potential behind it

Moving beyond credit scores, demographics, and socio-economic data to focus on you the student.

Experience a debt-free college education vnde plans to secure funding to provide wherewithal for spring semester 2020. Keep track of our progress and know when we're accepting student applications.

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